• My work explores the raw and hidden forms of objects and experiences through mark-making, data and repetitive pattern. In using interpretation and manipulation, I wish to create a perceptual shift in how we see the material and physical as ephemeral and subject to change; the internal and raw information itself becoming the lasting.

    My interest is to dive into the hidden layers of the things to which we cannot see. To reveal to the viewer an unexpected characteristic to a particular item or human element that otherwise might go unnoticed. Personal experiences and items that I come across are what inspires the patterns and works that I create. When I find an object, material or experience that resonates with me, I have to use it and manipulate it to understand it more deeply. This creates a personal analysis that the viewer themselves can also build upon with their own experiences. I want my work to highlight and enhance how we as individuals perceive our world, taking a closer and more intimate look into the situations and objects that we encounter and that overall shape who we are.

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    Laura Schneider is a young textile designer who is inspired by scientific discoveries, historical traditions and unique collections of various items. Her body of work focuses on repeat pattern design; particularly in the form of screen printing and traditional print making techniques. Having received her B.F.A in Fibers from the Savannah College of Art and Design, she is currently working as a textile freelance artist, managing her company Grandiflora and is accepting commissions, as well as offers of further work in design and print studios.